Monday, August 31, 2015

What I bought in August

I got a little overexcited shopping this month.  I was on a spending freeze for almost 2 months so I guess I should have known it was coming, AND I'm really proud of the deals I found.  I have been really obsessed with stripes, so I stocked up on more....because you can never have enough stripes, right?!  Okay, maybe that's just me.  I also tried finding a few more basic pieces.  I only spent full price on one top in that whole collage!  I couldn't help myself.  (I'll let you know which one towards the end)

Everything I bought below was from an online site called ThredUp.

ThredUp is basically an online thrift store.  They buy and sell gently used clothing from top brands.  I love Express clothing but can't really afford to buy it at the full price, so this has been a great option for me.  Every top above is from Express.  The only thing I bought that wasn't from Express was the striped skirt on the bottom left.  

Here is what I paid for 8 tops, 1 jacket, and 1 skirt from ThredUp:
Express camel sweater - $8.49
Express red and navy baseball tee - $7.49
Express b&w dolman top - $12.49
Express blue and black top - $10.49
Express red & white henley -  $7.99
Express berry top - $8.49
Express grey top - $9.49
Apt 9 skirt - $8.99
Express jacket - $18.99
Express b&w striped top - $9.49
Subtotal - $102.40
Free shipping & 20% discount TOTAL: $81.92

If you want to give ThredUp a try, here is my referral link.  Thank you in advance if you use it!

Gap b&w striped top - thrift store - $2.99
Foo Fighters top - $30
Banana Republic pink top - thrift store - $4.99
Loft grey sweater - thrift store - $2.99 - 50% off - $1.50
Charming Charlie tortorise bracelet - $6.99
Forever21 striped top - thrift store - $3.99
Total - $ 50.46

Total spent in August - $132.38

I'm really happy with that total and the amount of stuff I was able to find!  Obviously the Foo Fighters top was the full price item.  It's been a long time since I paid full price for anything, but it was worth it!  I bought my husband tickets to see Foo Fighters for our anniversary, and I have to buy a tee shirt at every concert I go to.  It's tradition!  And also why I have a whole dresser drawer full of band shirts. haha!  Ooops!

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Friday, August 21, 2015

August Ipsy Bag

Here's what I got:

Jessie's Girl Cosmetics - Eye Shadow Primer: 
This was the first time a tried a product like this and I really liked it!  I thought it really helped set the color and kept the eyeshadow from creasing.

Marc Anthony - Nourishing Argan Oil of Morocco Oil Treatment:
This smelled soooo good!  And it really helped smooth down my frizzy hair without weighing it down too much.  It also gave my hair a great shine

Hikari Cosmetics - Lip Gloss in "Merlot":
LOVED this color!  It's a deep red, which I don't own, so I was really excited to try this color out.  I don't wear lipstick on a daily basis but this one would be really pretty for a date night.  I liked that it didn't dry out my lips and the color was very pigmented.

Glamour Dolls - Eyeshadow in "Sorcery":
I thought this color was really pretty and had a nice shimmer to it.  I really like brown eyeshadows on me, but I have gotten 2 other brown eyeshadows from Ipsy already so I think it would be fun to try another color.

Trust Fund Beauty - Nail Polish in "Elegantly Wasted":
I actually already owned a color very similar to this one, so I obviously liked the color.  lol!  I did have to do 3 coats on my nails for it to not be so sheer though so that was a bummer.

So, all in all, I got a great Ipsy bag this month!  I was really happy with the variety of products I got to try.  Good job Ipsy!!  If you would like to try Ipsy, then feel free to click my referral link to get started.  Thank you in advance if you do!

I also cancelled my Birchbox subscription.  I just didn't feel like I was enjoying it as much as the Ipsy, and I also kept getting the same type of products over and over again.  

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Tuesday, August 18, 2015


 I've been trying to post on Instagram daily.  I post a lot more of my outfits that never make it to the blog for whatever reason, some random shots with my family, and photos out and about.  That last picture is of my August Ipsy bag.  I'm planning a post in a few days to let you know what I think about those products.



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